Arts Festival Continues with Fiddle Fest and More

The Middle School Arts Festival continued today with performances from the fifth-grade choir and orchestra, as well as the Haydn and Mozart Orchestras. The fifth grade-choir performed Contra Dancing to Fiddle Tunes such as “Down the River,” and “Haste to the Wedding.”

Fiddle Fest followed the choreographed performance with the fifth-grade orchestra playing the Old Time Tune “Bile ‘Em Cabbage Down.” Later, the Hayden Orchestra played “Cripple Creek,” and the Mozart Orchestra played the Traditional Irish song, “Swallowtail Jig.” All three orchestras were joined by local musicians Alex Caton and Matty Metcalfe. Both Caton and Metcalfe held several music workshops with the orchestras leading up to today’s Fiddle Fest.

To see photos of the fifth-grade choir’s Contra Dancing performance, click here.

To see photos of the Fiddle Fest, click here.

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