The Lower School Constitution

Mr. Brennan and Ms. Mathieson sat down in the Learning Village Library with representatives from every Lower School class  this morning to formulate the 2010-2011 Lower School Constitution. Each representative brought ideas for rules and principles that Lower School students will live by this year, and together as a group, they narrowed these down to five core principles that they presented to Mr. Brennan.

  • Take Care of our Village
  • Be Honorable and Responsible
  • Give 101%!
  • Use the Peaceful Pause to Calm Yourself
  • Enjoy Every Moment

When the Lower School Constitution is complete, the class representatives will explain the principles of the constitution to their classmates. Every student in the Lower School will then sign the Constitution, and it will be mounted and hung in the Lower School Wing. Every teacher will also receive a copy to hang in their classroom.

Here are some pictures of the representatives working with Mr. Brennan and Ms. Mathieson to formulate the Constitution…

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