Fifth and Sixth Grade Scene Shares Highlight Classroom Lessons

The past two weeks, fifth and sixth grade theatre arts students produced Scene Shares, which featured what they learned in the previous trimester.

fifth grade scene share_wp

In the Fifth Grade Scene Share, students presented three African folktales: Shansa Muntongo Shima, which tells the story of Bywala and the mysterious Shansa Muntongo Shima; The Turtle Who Wanted to Fly, which follows the journey of an ambitious turtle who wishes to join the birds; and Anase’s Trick Does Double Work, which tells the trickster tale of Ananse the lazy spider who manipulates others into doing his work.

sixth grade scene share_wp

The Sixth Grade Scene Share featured an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. The students presented their abbreviated version of the comedy play, which includes conventional Shakespearean mistaken identity at the heart of a powerful love story.

To see more photos from the Fifth Grade Scene Share, click here.

To see more photos from the Sixth Grade Scene Share, click here.


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