Middle School Arts Festival Promotes Philanthropy

ms arts festival_wp

Last Friday and Saturday, fifth grade students had the opportunity to show off their musicianship and performance skills for parents and friends at the Middle School Performing Arts Festival. Mrs. Victoria Redfearn Cave directed the students as they presented the story I Dream of Trains by Angela Johnson in words and song. The students then performed a Virginia Reel. Afterward, they moved to the orchestra room, where Mrs. Debbie Lyle led a rehearsal of “Kaleidoscope,” giving parents a window into how their students are learning to play stringed instruments. Following the performances, a “Play-a-thon” for string players in grades six to eight gave students the opportunity to raise money for the Mary Williams Community Center’s programs for senior citizens, as they sight-read selections such as “Casey’s March” and “Sailor’s Song.”

On Saturday, the Saintly Voices and Sixth Grade Choir rehearsed together and participated in a master class with Ken Ellis on how to audition. Following their workshops, the students performed spirituals and music theatre selections for family and friends. The concert, titled Voices for Change, emphasized philanthropy as the choir is selling water bottles and raffling items to benefit U.Va. Children’s Hospital. To see more photos from the Middle School Arts Festival, click here.


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