School Celebrates Halloween Traditions


Halloween celebrations across the School began with a morning Pre-School and Junior Kindergarten costume parade throughout the Learning Village, and the annual Farmer Lourie’s Pumpkin Patch complete with a reading of Plumply, Dumply Pumpkin to gathered students and families. This year, students also joined in singing a few Halloween songs and each had the opportunity to select two pumpkins from the patch.

“The parade and pumpkin patch are the highlights of our year,” said Kathy Carpenter, Director of Pre-School and Junior Kindergarten Programs. “Sandbox kids will forever call Mr. Lourie ‘Farmer Lourie’!”

Lunch time saw the senior class travel in costume to the Learning Village to visit classrooms, and in the afternoon a Kindergarten – Grade Four parade also included eighth grade students for the first time.

“We invited our most senior students at the Learning Village to join in with those who have just started with us,” said Andrew Brennan, Head of the Learning Village. “It is a great chance for our eighth grade students to reminisce, and also for those who joined us in the older grades to see the celebration for the first time.”

Students in various parades wore an array of creative costumes, from well-known superheroes to beloved book characters. Pirates, witches, dinosaurs, princesses, and even a peacock were also spotted wandering the halls.

Click here to view a photo gallery of the pumpkin patch and here to view a photo gallery of the afternoon activities.

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