Russell Talks Creativity, Imagination


John Russell, grades K-3 art teacher and grades 7-8 visual arts teacher, recently spoke to a group of parents, faculty, and staff on the importance of encouraging creativity and imagination in everyday life.

Beginning the session with a chance for all participants to sketch, Russell went on to explain that drawing is not the only indicator of creativity. Using creativity and imagination can be important to many of our daily tasks including music, writing, and cooking. He touched briefly on the cognitive steps of the creative process – preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification – before leading a discussion on blocks to creativity, such as fear of criticism and comparison to others. He encouraged the group to brainstorm other creative blocks, and to think of ways to move past them.

“We can learn creativity,” he reminded attendees at the close of the event. “We can start encouraging our kids, our students, and ourselves to take creative chances. Every day.”

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