Young Alumni Talk College with Seniors


On January 7, five young alumni returned to campus to participate in a panel discussion with the Class of 2016. In town during their winter breaks, Grace Culver ’15, Virginia Speidel ’15, Brodie Phillips ’15, Evan Moore-Coll ’13, and Lee Parkhill ’15 discussed their college application processes and decisions, and fielded questions from the assembled seniors on life at their respective institutions.

“They’ve been in your seat, they’ve been where you are now,” John Blake, director of alumni relations, reminded the students at the start of the presentation. “Ask questions, feel free about it!”

For 30 minutes students asked the alumni about everything from what it is like to go to college in your own hometown (for those attending University of Virginia) to how well St. Anne’s-Belfield School had prepared them for higher education to what it’s like to play sports at the collegiate level.

At the close, each alumnus shared advice on what students should and should not do in their first semester of college, and seniors were invited to email them with more questions.

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