Students Discuss Monuments During FAB Lab


Second grade students studying monuments as part of their work for FAB Lab received a treat when Mr. Doug Ehman, manager of the parks division of the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City of Charlottesville, visited the Learning Village.

Students spoke with Mr. Ehman about the definition of a monument and how it is different from a memorial, as well as how monuments are maintained, repaired, and refurbished. The discussion also included questions about who owns monuments and who is responsible for their upkeep. The students’ study of monuments will continue in future FAB Lab sessions.

FAB Lab is a Learning Village Grades K – 4 program to encourage student-initiated inquiry during a dedicated time period each week. During weekly FAB Lab afternoons, teachers supplement curricular academics with the habits and skills of student-initiated learning. Children develop perseverance as they generate questions, solve problems, collaborate with peers, and delve into their natural curiosities and intellectual pursuits.

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