Seniors Enjoy Career & Alumni Day


The Class of 2016 enjoyed Senior Career & Alumni Day on April 14, with 12 alumni returning to the Greenway Rise Campus to hold sessions on their specific career fields. Students were able to attend three sessions before continuing on to a workshop on what it means to be a St. Anne’s-Belfield School alumnus and a “50 Day Cookout” hosted by the Office of Development & Alumni Relations.

“I went in to speak with Ms. Mazzola to ask if we could do a fifty day lunch, and walked out agreeing to do a Career Day,” John Blake, director of alumni relations, joked at the start of the day.

It has been approximately 10 years since the School hosted it’s last Career Day involving alumni, and Blake enthusiastically advised students to make the most of it.

“Engage with them, enjoy them, they will be great mentors for you,” he told students. “Always take these opportunities and make the most of them.”

Alumni participating in the day included:

  • Meghan Murray ’93, President of Stynson, LLC.
  • Ty Grisham ’01, Partner at Grisham and Barnhardt
  • Addison Barnhardt ’01, Partner at Grisham and Barnhardt
  • Maggie Kalagher ’12, U.Va. Student
  • Anthony Woodard ’03, Special Agent with Homeland Security
  • Macon Gunter ’04, Realtor at McLean Faulconer
  • Dr. Paige Perriello ’90, Pediatrician
  • Tommy Garland ’79, Special Projects – TING Internet
  • Alex Goodman ’03, Founder of Beast Ent., Columbia Angels, and 118 Marketing
  • Nate Rullman ’98, Investment Executive
  • Emily Pelliccia ’91, Deputy Chief of the City of Charlottesville Fire Department
  • Lindsay Burton ’01, Managing Principal of Kayo Advisory and Kayo Conferences

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