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Students Lead Inaugural STAB KINO Film Festival

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From May 6 – May 8, 2016, nine new classic films were shown in the St. Anne’s-Belfield School Greenway Rise Auditorium as part of the inaugural STAB KINO Film Festival. Ten students from the Senior Seminar in Filmmaking and Cinema Studies were responsible for the selection of the films, as well as facilitating the festival including merchandising, marketing, and transforming the auditorium into a cinema complete with concession stand and box office.

“No director has ever set out to make a film that is meant to be watched on a laptop. That just isn’t their mentality. If you ask any working director today in what format their film is meant to be seen, they will tell you it is designed for the theater,” said St. Anne’s-Belfield School senior and cinema studies student Connor Kelly.

“There’s a reason you travel to Paris to see the Mona Lisa in person instead of just pulling up a picture on your smartphone. The same concept stands for film. If you want to truly see a film as it was meant to be seen, there is no substitute for the big screen.”

Selections focused on films of the last 20 years that have been part of the explosion of Global and New American Cinema. Showings for the general public included The Sandlot, The Game, They LiveWhere the Wild Things Are, Three Kings, MementoFar From Heaven, The Prestige, and Be Kind Rewind.

“The films we selected are in a strange sort of limbo between new and old,” remarked Kelly. “They have not yet been around long enough to be certified classics, but we believe that these films are the ones that will be held up in the future as hallmarks of their time. These ‘new classics’ deserve recognition and criticism now that enough time has passed for them to be considered ‘cinematic essentials.'”

Organizers say this year’s festival will be the first of many for the local community to enjoy. More information on the festival may be viewed at the event’s official website, www.newclassicsfilmfestival.com [2] or the NBC 29 news story Cinema Studies Students at STAB Host Student Led Film Festival [3].