Grades 5 – 8 Enjoy Chapel on Mindfulness


In October the Learning Village Grades 5 – 8 enjoyed a Chapel on mindfulness led by fifth grade teacher Mr. David Jones and special guest Ms. Robin Albertson-Wren, a teacher in the Pre-School.

Mr. Jones spoke poignantly about an exercise his Advisory completed recently, in which everyone wrote for four minutes about a moment they would like to relive. Calling all of the students his family, Mr. Jones shared that the resulting essays all chose “everyday moments” as the topics rather than anything extravagant. Seeing old friends, having a father arrive home with a puppy, and going out for a hike with his own young children were the examples he shared with the division.

“This is a Chapel about paying attention,” he told the assembled students at the close of his talk.

Ms. Albertson-Wren brought the Chapel full circle when she led the students and faculty in two mindfulness exercises designed to help them pay attention to themselves, their senses, and their surroundings. Listening to a sound until it could no longer be heard was the first practice undertaken by everyone, followed by three minutes of anchor breathing (pictured above).

Calm, relaxed, comforted, and “a shift in my personality” were the results described by students when asked how they felt at the end of the exercises.

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