Student Maya Geismar’s Day as Head of the Lower School

On Monday, April 30th second grade student Maya Geismar had the exciting opportunity to act as Head of the Lower School for the day! This unique experience was made possible by her parents’ winning bid at the recent Auction 2012. Her morning began by greeting parents and students as she opened car doors at the Learning Village before attending several meetings with faculty members and parents. Maya spent time observing both Lower School and Pre-School classrooms,  reading to a class, and conducting a question-and-answer session with another class.  After a few more meetings, Maya spent time making phone calls, sorting paperwork, and preparing for her lunch appointment with the Administrative Team. When presented with the question of how long she imagined enjoying this role, Maya answered that she would like being Head of the Lower School for perhaps a week or so, but would then miss her friends. Maya’s ability to grasp the important separation between leadership and students was impressive. Tasked with selecting the upcoming menu for Cinco de Mayo, Maya delighted in the decision making. And, when given the chance to award extra recess and/or no homework for the day, Maya (in the manner of Mr. Brennan) said she needed a bit of time to make her decision. Students celebrated later in the day when Maya awarded both luxuries. Mr. Brennan reflected on the day with kind words sharing his surprise with Maya’s overall poise and preparation.

“The day was great and I wish I could have that day again. It was full of meetings and fun. I Loved  to check in on classrooms and it was fun to see my friends. Everything was better than better from opening car doors to having lunch with my friends. It was a real treat.” FROM: MS. GEISMAR


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