STAB365 is the official blog of St. Anne’s-Belfield School.

We at St. Anne’s-Belfield believe that the transmission of knowledge, the encouragement of curiosity, the development of rational thought, and the cultivation of responsible, honorable behavior are the great ends of education.

In asking students to master a specific body of knowledge, we seek not to impart knowledge alone, but to instill the lifelong habit of learning. Although we expect our graduates to be prepared for the nation’s finest colleges and universities, our true purpose is to create a challenging yet charitable atmosphere where students gain skills necessary for both creative and disciplined thought, where they have opportunities to achieve in athletic and artistic endeavors, where they understand their responsibility as a member of a community, and where high expectations for both their personal and intellectual lives are complemented by the School’s commitment to nurturing students in the spiritual dimension of life.

For questions about this blog’s content, please contact:

Beth Stefanik
Director of Communications
St. Anne’s-Belfield School
2132 Ivy Road
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
p: (434) 296-5106
e: communication@stab.org

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